Welcome to Mercato Interiors, where innovation intertwines with the art of creating spaces you’ll adore. Today we’re thrilled to showcase a collection that invites you to fall in love with your living environment. Creativity, Art, Talent and Culture are some of the basic ingredients required. Let’s explore Mercato Interiors – the brand that epitomizes luxury and elegance, presenting an array of furniture that captures hearts and homes alike.

  1. Dreamy Beds for Serene Nights: Indulge in sublime comfort with a bed collection designed for the sweetest of dreams. From modern platforms to opulent combinations of wood, glass, and colors of your choice, each piece promises a fusion of style, coziness, and individuality

  2. Storage Solutions that Delight: Stay organized in style with functional yet fashionable consoles and case goods. These pieces not only offer ample storage but also serve as elegant, eye-catching accents that harmonize with your decor. 

  3. Enchanting Cocktail Tables: Beyond mere furniture, these tables are meticulously crafted pieces of art that infuse charm into any space. From contemporary designs to timeless classics, discover the piece that will make you swoon for entertaining. 

  4. Memorable Dining: Picture perfect gatherings with dining tables that effortlessly blend beauty and practicality. With a variety of styles, materials, and finishes, every meal becomes a cherished moment – be it an intimate dinner for two or a grand celebration bringing everyone together under one roof.

  5. Style and Functionality in your Workspace: Elevate your work environment with furniture that seamlessly marries aesthetics and productivity. Explore truly one-of-a-kind pieces that reflect sophistication and increase your efficiency. 

  6. Entertaining Elevated: For those who revel in hosting, the bar collection adds a touch of sophistication to your entertainment space. Choose from modern or classic designs to elevate your social space. 

  7. Adding Finesse: Complete your interior journey with mirrors and accessories that lend character to your space. Discover custom pieces that literally mirror your personal style and amplify your home’s character.

At Mercato Interiors, each piece tells a story of craftsmanship and custom design brilliance. Fall in love with your living spaces by transcending trends and embracing timeless elegance. Step into our showroom to experience firsthand the luxury and sophistication these pieces bring to your home. Allow our Design Team to help you craft spaces that mirror your unique style and make you truly fall in love with your home’s interior.

As the boundaries between indoor and outdoor living spaces become increasingly blurred, creating an outdoor oasis that offers comfort, functionality, and style is a growing trend.

At Mercato Interiors, we believe in the transformative power of well-chosen, quality outdoor furnishings and decor. Let’s explore the myriad of ways you can update your outdoor space to make it a true extension of your home.

Invest in Comfortable Seating

The heart of any outdoor living area lies in its seating arrangements. Whether you envision large gatherings or prefer intimate, quiet evenings under the stars, having comfortable, stylish seating is crucial. From plush sofas and loveseats to cozy hammocks and swing chairs, our collection at Mercato Interiors caters to a multitude of tastes, styles, and needs.

Consider your outdoor area’s size and layout when choosing seating options. Modular pieces offer flexibility for various arrangements, while smaller two-seater options can provide an intimate setting in a compact space.

Create Shade and Shelter

To truly enjoy your outdoor space, consider elements of shade and shelter. Pergolas, gazebos, or stylish umbrellas from Mercato Interiors can add a touch of elegance while protecting you from the elements.

Our selection includes a range of materials and designs to complement your outdoor space. Whether it’s a retractable awning for your patio or a chic parasol for your poolside loungers, these elements add both comfort and visual interest.

Outdoor Lighting

Good lighting can transform your outdoor area from a daytime retreat to a magical evening oasis. Consider a mix of lighting options like string lights for a whimsical touch, lanterns for a warm, diffuse glow, or modern LED options for a bright, crisp light.

Accessorize with Outdoor Decor

Just as you would with your indoor space, consider adding decorative elements to personalize your outdoor area. Outdoor cushions, art, planters, and decorative sculptures can bring color, texture, and personal style to your space.

Choosing Outdoor Dining Furniture At Mercato Interiors

Updating your outdoor space can transform it into a cozy extension of your home, perfect for relaxation and entertaining. Invest in comfortable seating, create shade, add rugs, consider a fire pit or fireplace, illuminate with outdoor lighting, accessorize, and choose your ideal outdoor dining furniture.

Every piece in our carefully curated collection at Mercato Interiors blends durability, style, and comfort, promising to enhance your outdoor living experience. Start exploring our website today and redefine your outdoor space with Mercato Interiors!

As they say out with the old and in with the new. The seasons are changing and it is time to throw open the doors, enjoy the flowers blooming, and love where you live. This can be easily accomplished by adding some luxurious furnishings from Mercato Interiors to your home. No matter what space you are working on adding signature items can elevate your home and reflect your personal sense of style.

Luxury furnishings not only speak to great taste but also ensure a higher quality. These pieces will last for many years of enjoyment. It may be one thing your kids hope to inherit. From velvety leathers to hand painted glass tables, each piece will be unique to you. Think how fun it will be to host the neighborhood bunko party and have your friends complimenting your design style.

Not sure where to start? Do you suffer from FOMO? A seasoned designer can assist you with pulling it all together. They will find out about you. How do you like to live? Do you let your husband eat on the couch? Does Fluffy sleep with you at night? They then will take that information and use their expertise to make your dreams into reality. Do not fear the best quality a good designer has is listening to what you want.

So stop the procrastination and have some fun elevating your home for the spring. Whether you are doing your whole home or updating a few rooms it’s time to start. Look to the flowers for your next color inspiration for pillows, or wallpaper, or even a sofa. The time is now! Spring never seems last long enough.

This Valentine’s Day, make sure to show your furniture some love too! Fall in love with your furniture not just this Valentine’s Day, but for the whole year. Get luxurious and elegant pieces that will make your home look stylish and inviting.

Investing in quality furniture pieces can make a huge difference in how you feel when you enter the room. Choose pieces that are both comfortable and stylish, so that you can be proud of them all year long.

Creative Ways to Incorporate Luxury Furniture Into Your Space

From classic upholstered couches to modern statement pieces, there are many creative ways to incorporate luxury furniture into your home. Whether you’re looking for a statement piece or just want to add some subtle luxury touches, there are plenty of options available that will make your space look more inviting and stylish. Here are some creative ways to incorporate luxury furniture into your home.

1.   Add a statement piece to the front door

This can be a comfort-focused sofa, an elegant chaise lounge or a modern cocktail table. Keep it slightly smaller than your doorway to add depth and interest while keeping it in scale with the rest of the home.

2.   Mix up your main colors

Blend the primary colors in your living room by including two luxe pieces – one that is light and airy and another that is dark and luxurious on the walls and floors respectively. This helps create visual interest while giving you plenty of options for styling with other accessories like pillows, throws, art or mirrors throughout the space.

3.   Use a neutral color palette to create visual interest in your living room

A white, gray, or taupe background helps balance the space and gives you plenty of options for accessorizing with accent colors throughout the room.

The Benefits of Investing In High-Quality Luxury Furniture

Investing in high-quality luxury furniture is an excellent way to add elegance and sophistication to any home. Luxury furniture adds a touch of class and style to any space, making it look more inviting and attractive. Not only does luxury furniture make your home look nicer, but it also increases its value if you ever decide to sell.

When choosing furniture for your home, whether it be for a kid’s room or an adult’s bedroom, it is important to buy furniture that will last. High-quality luxury furniture is built to last for years, so you can rest assured that you won’t have to replace it anytime soon. It’s safe to say that investing in luxury furniture is an investment that pays off in the long run.

There are many brands out there that sell quality high-end furniture at affordable prices. One brand worth checking out is Mercato Interiors!

We offer strong and well-crafted pieces of high-quality luxury furniture at affordable prices, from beds to tables to art and more! Visit our website to find the furniture you’ve always been looking for.

Have you ever wanted to start fresh and create a new space for yourself? With the New Room, New You concept, you can do just that. This concept involves creating a new room in your home that reflects your personality and goals. It’s a great way to make your home more inviting and inspiring.

By adding meaningful items, such as artwork, plants, luxury furniture, and lighting, you can make your room an extension of yourself. With the right design elements in place, you can transform any room into an environment that encourages productivity and creativity.

The Psychology of High Class Design & How It Affects Your Mood & Productivity

Interior design is an art form that requires an understanding of the psychology behind it. It helps us create a room that evokes positive emotions, boosts motivation, and encourages people to take action. By understanding how colors, shapes, fonts, images, and other elements affect us psychologically, we can create designs that are both aesthetically pleasing and emotionally engaging.

If you’ve ever been to a spa, you know that the right lighting, scent, and temperature can often have a profound effect on how you feel. This is because these factors influence your state of mind. For example, an environment with bright overhead lights and clean white paint will make a person feel alert and focused while an environment with dim lighting and dark colors will make them feel calm and relaxed.

Similarly, inhaling aromatherapy oils or saunas can help to switch up our mood depending on what we are trying to accomplish. In fact, psychologists have found that it is possible to change our mood by incorporating the right lighting, scent, and temperature into our environment. But what does furniture have anything to do with this?

Changing the furniture in your home can help create a more positive atmosphere and make you feel more relaxed and comfortable. It can also improve the overall aesthetic of your home and make it look more inviting. By rearranging or replacing furniture, you can give yourself an instant boost of energy or even reduce stress levels.

Modifying your furniture can also change how you interact with others in your home because different pieces of furniture can foster multiple social environments. Furthermore, it is important to consider how the size and shape of the furniture impact how much space you have available in each room, as this will determine how much freedom you have to move around and interact with other people.

Are you ready to upgrade your home with luxurious, high-quality furniture?

At Mercato Interiors, we offer an ever-growing selection of stunning pieces created by a wide array of manufacturers from around the world.

Our exceptional furnishings and design expertise are perfect for creating an inviting and comfortable atmosphere in any space.

To learn more, visit us today and discover why Mercato is the premier choice for luxury furniture.

With the festive season around the corner, it is time to decorate your home for Christmas!

Christmas is a time for family and friends to get together and celebrate. It is also a time for giving gifts to one another. If you are looking for luxury high-end interior design ideas, we have curated some of the best Christmas decorations that will add warmth and cheer to your home.

There are many ways in which you can decorate your home for Christmas, especially if you’re hosting. Keep reading to see some of our favorite decorations that will help you achieve a luxurious and festive look.

How to Make Your Christmas Celebration Truly Luxurious

While it may seem like a lot of work to organize a Christmas dinner party for your closest friends and family on top of all the other celebrations, we have all the best advice you need to ensure that your spectacular party will be a smashing success and remembered for years to come.

⦁ Think ahead
When it comes to organizing your Christmas dinner party, it’s never too early. The more you accomplish before the party begins, the less stress you’ll experience that day as well. Planning the event weeks beforehand will allow you plenty of time to organize everything, including the menu, beverages, invitations, decorations, theme, and attire. Additionally, it will increase the enjoyment of the whole process.

Everything should ideally be prepared the night before the party so that you have more time the next morning to get ready and take care of any last-minute details.

⦁ Send out invites
Without attendees, a party isn’t a party at all! Sending out your invitations two to three weeks beforehand will give guests enough time to make travel arrangements and select the ideal dinner party outfit. Even while it’s simple to send an email invitation or post an invitation on social media, going above and beyond to plan beautiful, handmade paper invites that match your party’s theme will seem much more unique.

To ensure you have enough food for everyone, ask attendees to RSVP the week before your party. However, make sure you also buy enough food for a few extra guests in case any unforeseen guests show up.

⦁ Decide on the Christmas menu
Make sure you’ve asked your guests about any dietary restrictions before deciding on the food for the Christmas dinner party so you can accommodate everyone. Thanksgiving and stuffing, potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, fruitcake, and gingerbread are the main crowd-pleasers during Christmas, which is a blessing.

Large Horus Tray

Purple Plum

We advise against experimenting while preparing for a large crowd and instead advise adhering to the tried and true methods. The last thing you want is to try a new recipe and become stressed out if it doesn’t turn out as you expected. Simple dishes that you have previously prepared won’t require as much time and effort, allowing you to spend more time with your visitors.

⦁ Create a festive tablescape
Your dining table should be exquisitely arranged to wow your guests. Your guests will feel more festive right away if you set the table with elegant Christmas dinnerware, such as dinner sets, cutlery, table runners, and serving dishes. Using seasonal flowers in the color scheme of your theme will also harmonize the table’s appearance. Additionally, don’t forget the crackers for some holiday entertainment in between courses!

Dining Table

Calypso Cocktail Table

Understanding good table setting techniques will improve the evening for you and your guests. Our best advice is to evaluate the height of your centerpieces and other decorations while seated in various positions to make sure that it doesn’t seem or feel crowded and that you can see the food platters and other seats well.

Remember that when it comes to interior design, seeing is believing. That is why a trip to the showroom floor at Mercato Interiors is a must for any holiday season preparations. There you can speak one-on-one with one of our skilled design consultants and see how pieces like these can help elevate your home’s next holiday celebration.

Getting Creative with Centerpieces and Furniture

Xena Table Lamp


7-Foot Gladious Grass

The holidays are just around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about how you will decorate your home for the festive season.

While there are many way to decorate your home for the holidays you just cant beat the look and feel of a style that is truly unique to you.

If you don’t know where to begin or are at a loss for what to do, don’t worry. This short guide will give you ideas and tips on how to choose the best holiday accessories for your home!

How to Find the Perfect Holiday Decor for Your Home

If you find that initial inspiration hard to come by, try to start with what you like. What colors do you gravitate towards? Are there certain things that remind you of your childhood? What do you like to do most in your space?

The next step is determining what type of holiday decorating style you prefer in your home. There are several to choose from:

Traditional: A traditional Christmas tree with stockings hanging from the mantle and a Christmas wreath on the door
Contemporary: A modern Christmas tree with lights and ornaments
Eclectic: Mixing contemporary with traditional elements 
Rustic: Decorations made from natural materials like wood and clay

Once you know what kind of decoration style speaks to you, it’s time to start shopping! Here are some tips on how to find the perfect holiday decor for your home:

Start with one room 

Every year, people get overwhelmed by how much work needs to be done before they can enjoy their holiday festivities. If you’re starting from scratch, this can seem extremely dauting, so start small.
Decorate one room or even just one corner of your home with decorations that represent your favorite holiday tradition or memories from the past.

Think about scale 

Your decorations may not be up year-round, but that’s no excuse why they can’t complement the rest of your home with a similar color, theme or size.

Think about the size of each piece too; if you’re going for a minimalist look, don’t buy anything bigger than what you already own. If you’re going for something more elaborate and colorful, make sure that the pieces are proportionate to each other.

Our Recommendations: The 5 Best Holiday Decorations to Spice Up Your Home

Here are our top 5 great holiday furniture decorating ideas that will help you create an inviting atmosphere for the season:

⦁ Tabletop Tree

The tabletop tree is a great way to bring some life into your living room without taking up too much space. It can be used as a centerpiece or on top of the cocktail table for added ambiance. You can also use this idea in your bedroom if you don’t have enough room for a real tree.

  1. Holiday Lights
    Holiday lights are perfect for adding some color and festivity to any room in your home. They can be strung around windows, over doors, or on ceilings for added ambiance as well as decoration purposes. You can also place them by the fireplace to make the living room extra cozy. Don’t forget to consider the tone of lighting in your living space or the chandelier in your dining room when searching for lights to pair.
  1. Glassware
    Glassware is a great way to bring some shine and cheer to your holiday decor. Mercato Interiors has a wide selection of glass sculptures in all shapes, sizes and colors. These can be used as decorative pieces on mantles or tables or used in window displays for an added splash of color.

  1. Wreath With Lights
    A wreath with lights can be hung on your front door during the holidays to welcome anyone who comes around, while also adding some color and life to your house. 

The terms ‘stunningly beautiful’ and ‘lavishly comfortable’ usually act like two poles of a magnet when it comes designing furniture.   Until now! 

Natuzzi Italia’s renowned furniture architects Manzoni and Tapinassi have seemingly defied the furniture laws of physics with the Fidelio Reclining Sofa where extreme comfort comes together with striking beauty to form what could be considered the perfect sofa.


Boasting a rock-solid firm structure and optional high-tech power relax systems, the Fidelio feature armrests that are embellished by a handstitched ”pinched” piping and rests on a metal frame which defines the modern outline of the sofa.

A full power version is available where each seat is equipped with an exclusive Soft Touch relaxation mechanism that operates separately from the other seating positions and allows you to simply slide your finger on the armrest to change the seat and backrest position for optimum comfort.


The Fidelio also includes Natuzzi’s recliner mechanism which features a “zero wall” system that allows the seats and backrest to move and incline forward as the sofa opens so there’s no need to keep it away from the wall. 

The Fidelio is available in a wide range of fabric and fine thickened Natuzzi leather upholstery options.

All too often the answer is “not very”.  It usually takes a pillow stuffed here or there, combined with having to twist or turn your body to that find that sweet spot, which inevitably doesn’t last too long anyway.  When you think about, you are actually conforming to your chair instead of the other way around.    There is a better solution.  

Stratus-Bison-DeepBlue.AQ0I8933 Small.jpg

American Leather created the Comfort Air that was designed to move and conform with your body to find YOUR most comfortable position, not the chair’s.  It uses a patented mechanism that cradles you to the perfect lounging position for optimal comfort.  It will glide, swivel, and rock with you.


 Knowing that people come in all sizes, American Leather gives you three sizes to choose from, from standard to oversized, all of which can be customized to fit your comfort needs with a huge assortment of fabrics, leathers, footrests, and finishes.

There are six styles of Comfort Air Chairs and the solution to finding the right one for you is to visit our showroom and take a few for a ‘test-drive’.  

It has been said that “art must be an expression of love or it is nothing.”  As humans we express ourselves in many ways, from the clothes we wear, to the way we speak and the objects we surround ourselves with.  Our home and how we furnish it is the ultimate in expression.  It clearly and instantly states who we are and where our unique style and tastes lie.

This can also be said for those who design and manufacture the furniture we select for our home.  An excellent example of this expression is the Cuff Bed designed and handcrafted by the artisans at Bonaldo Italia. 

Cuff singolo (1)_HR (1).jpg

The Cuff Bed was designed to express a strong personality through the use of bold tailoring details such as the unique ‘frog fastenings’ that adorn the two flaps that cover the luxuriously padded headboard as well as the pleating that marks the vertical pattern of the back panel cover.  These details are intended to dramatically stand out by demanding the viewer s attention.     

Cuff singolo (5)_HR.jpg

Bonaldo expresses their love in the art of furniture sculpting by the use plush upholstery for the headboard which they make available in either fine leathers, eco-leather, or rich traditional fabrics.  These materials can be carried over to the bed surround as well.  In another expression of the beds strong personality are the bold metal feet, that are available in different colors allows yet another opportunity to express one’s self in functional art.

Cuff singolo (2)_HR.jpg

Designed for a modern world, the Cuff is available in a storage version with a double-movement mechanism that provides an excellent place for pillows, extra bedding and even clothes and personal belongings. 

We invite you visit Mercato Interiors and see the Cuff Bed displayed in an exquisitely detail room vignette that promises to delight the senses and inspire your imagination. 

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