Robert and Liz Werner have owned and operated Mercato Interiors for over ten years now, bringing the most prestigious furniture brands the world has to offer to Las Vegas.  Although few people may know the furniture industry better than this dynamic duo, Robert's real training (and passion) was in the floral business. 


Before Mercato Interiors was the premium location for luxury furniture, it was the ‘Flower Market’ operated by Robert and his father, Robert Sr.  It was here that Robert developed his skills in creating floral works of art, many of which were displayed throughout in almost every major casino-resort in Las Vegas.

Robert carries on that tradition and passion today with one-of-a-kind artificial floral arrangements that can only be found at Mercato Interiors.  These floral artworks range in size from small pieces that would fit perfectly on a fireplace mantel or side table to large floor displays that climb to over twelve feet tall.  Examples of which can be seen throughout our 48,000 square foot showroom, in almost every furniture vignette onsite. 

IMG_3217 a.jpg

The greenery that Robert uses comes from artisan shops all over the world, many of which are individually hand-made using only the finest materials available.  The difference between the greenery that Robert uses and what can be found at local craft stores is without comparison.  Even at close examination it hard to tell that they are not real living plants.   In fact, the flowers and greenery are so life-like that visitors to Mercato Interiors can often be found ‘leaning into the arrangements to smell their exotic scents’.


The incredible realism of these beautiful floral arrangements makes it possible to add color, texture, shapes and ‘life’ to a room without the need of direct sunlight, plant food or water.  Based on his experience Robert says that “real plants and trees require a lot of work to keep them live and healthy.  Depending on the room where they’ll reside, sometimes it’s even impossible.  Not to mention that unlike real plants, these amazing arrangements will last many years and require only a simple dusting from time to time. 


Having an ‘in-house’ floral designer of Robert’s caliber makes the job of our Design Consultants that much easier and often allows them to add the perfect finishing touch to a room or home design project. 

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