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February hosts one of the best Las Vegas holidays of the year: National Drink Wine Day. According to the +Wall Street Journal, designers use cabinetry and accessories to make home bars work for everything from breakfast smoothies to midnight buffets. In Las Vegas, how can you not have alcohol within reach? 

They are very different from the versions in the 1970's with mirrored backdrops and cheesy lighting. Luxury furniture can make a bar a classy accent to your home. Most are multi-purpose, whether it be a place to relax, like in our project photo below, or to an extra counter in the kitchen to make extra food for the holiday season. 

Here are some suggestions on how to incorporate home bars into a multi-purpose function in your home:

Home Gym - Utilize cabinetry to carry juice, that double as post-workout smoothies and mixers for your evening.

Coffee bar - Keep an espresso machine on hand -- Bailey's and coffee is one way to get going in the morning.

Breakfast bar - Utilize white space and bright coloring to have both breakfast foods and evening cocktails all in one place.

Patio bar - Like this luxurious home in the photo, sunset cocktails outdoors is the way to live a lifestyle of luxury. These can also be a great way to have a BBQ (with drinks).

Mercato Interiors in Las Vegas has all of your luxury multi-purpose bar furniture, from bar stools to mini bars. Check them out here, then come visit our 48,000 sq ft showroom!

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