The terms ‘stunningly beautiful’ and ‘lavishly comfortable’ usually act like two poles of a magnet when it comes designing furniture.   Until now! 

Natuzzi Italia’s renowned furniture architects Manzoni and Tapinassi have seemingly defied the furniture laws of physics with the Fidelio Reclining Sofa where extreme comfort comes together with striking beauty to form what could be considered the perfect sofa.


Boasting a rock-solid firm structure and optional high-tech power relax systems, the Fidelio feature armrests that are embellished by a handstitched ”pinched” piping and rests on a metal frame which defines the modern outline of the sofa.

A full power version is available where each seat is equipped with an exclusive Soft Touch relaxation mechanism that operates separately from the other seating positions and allows you to simply slide your finger on the armrest to change the seat and backrest position for optimum comfort.


The Fidelio also includes Natuzzi’s recliner mechanism which features a “zero wall” system that allows the seats and backrest to move and incline forward as the sofa opens so there’s no need to keep it away from the wall. 

The Fidelio is available in a wide range of fabric and fine thickened Natuzzi leather upholstery options.

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