The nice thing about freestanding fireplaces is that you can use them to design your room, rather than the other way around. If you decide that the freestanding fireplace doesn't belong in the room, you simply move it to a different area.

In the photo below, this fireplace is used for an outdoor patio. That's a great use of a freestanding fireplace, as long as it's indoor/outdoor. It is located in the same place that a patio table might go. While you can't use the fireplace to set your drinks down (well, you might...but it might get a little hot), it definitely adds to the ambiance.

The fireplace itself is black, which is a neutral color, and the outdoor furniture is tan, which is a neutral color as well. To accent this room, we would recommend a pop of color in the seat cushions, or maybe getting a surprising red fireplace.

At Mercato Interiors Las Vegas, we have a whole host of outdoor living accessories, from chairs to patio furniture. If you look through our design gallery, you can see that we frequently work on outdoor spaces as well as indoor. If you want to design a room around a freestanding ethanol fireplace, give us a call today!

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