It has been said that “art must be an expression of love or it is nothing.”  As humans we express ourselves in many ways, from the clothes we wear, to the way we speak and the objects we surround ourselves with.  Our home and how we furnish it is the ultimate in expression.  It clearly and instantly states who we are and where our unique style and tastes lie.

This can also be said for those who design and manufacture the furniture we select for our home.  An excellent example of this expression is the Cuff Bed designed and handcrafted by the artisans at Bonaldo Italia. 

Cuff singolo (1)_HR (1).jpg

The Cuff Bed was designed to express a strong personality through the use of bold tailoring details such as the unique ‘frog fastenings’ that adorn the two flaps that cover the luxuriously padded headboard as well as the pleating that marks the vertical pattern of the back panel cover.  These details are intended to dramatically stand out by demanding the viewer s attention.     

Cuff singolo (5)_HR.jpg

Bonaldo expresses their love in the art of furniture sculpting by the use plush upholstery for the headboard which they make available in either fine leathers, eco-leather, or rich traditional fabrics.  These materials can be carried over to the bed surround as well.  In another expression of the beds strong personality are the bold metal feet, that are available in different colors allows yet another opportunity to express one’s self in functional art.

Cuff singolo (2)_HR.jpg

Designed for a modern world, the Cuff is available in a storage version with a double-movement mechanism that provides an excellent place for pillows, extra bedding and even clothes and personal belongings. 

We invite you visit Mercato Interiors and see the Cuff Bed displayed in an exquisitely detail room vignette that promises to delight the senses and inspire your imagination. 

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