We approach each challenge the same way, “it’s really all about the client.”  People who know us come to Mercato Interiors because of our reputation for high-end luxury furniture and expert interior designers.  Some visit the showroom just to catch an inspirational vibe.  They come looking for a creative experience that will both inspire and inform them on their home furnishing project.  Naturally if they want to just buy a chair, sofa or bed they can do that, but it’s not usually the type of store traffic we get.

More often we are seeing people who are embarking on a new room design or they are having a new luxury home built and want the entire home furnished and don’t know where to start.  In the case of the later we can take care of everything by working with the owner and their architect to ensure that home conforms to the furnishing theme and vise-versa. 


Visitors to Mercato Interiors also come to the showroom to find accessories and the latest art pieces, things that they would not be able to find anywhere else.  That is just one the things that makes Mercato Interiors unique.  Every item in the store has been carefully selected to be thought-provoking, visually creative and unique.  People often come to me to push the envelope within their genre, to discover their taste and style and transform it into a livable, functional home design.  We just don’t fill spaces with attractive furniture or place a sofa in a certain spot because it will fit that sofa.  On the contrary, for every piece we place in every room there must be reason why its there.  It’s placement within the room must complete ‘the story and feel of the design’ as well as play off the design of the home and the natural light available.  

I believe it’s our commitment to the art of interior design as well as the client that keeps them coming back and referring us to their friends.    

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