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All too often the answer is “not very”.  It usually takes a pillow stuffed here or there, combined with having to twist or turn your body to that find that sweet spot, which inevitably doesn’t last too long anyway.  When you think about, you are actually conforming to your chair instead of the other way around.    There is a better solution.  

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American Leather created the Comfort Air that was designed to move and conform with your body to find YOUR most comfortable position, not the chair's.  It uses a patented mechanism that cradles you to the perfect lounging position for optimal comfort.  It will glide, swivel, and rock with you.


 Knowing that people come in all sizes, American Leather gives you three sizes to choose from, from standard to oversized, all of which can be customized to fit your comfort needs with a huge assortment of fabrics, leathers, footrests, and finishes.

There are six styles of Comfort Air Chairs and the solution to finding the right one for you is to visit our showroom and take a few for a ‘test-drive’.  

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