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A sculptural and eye-catching, yet mellow wood dining table described the Mellow Dining Table by Bonaldo Italia.  The two opposed elements embrace in a sinuous curve that creates an illusory volume in a perfect balance game. 

As its name suggests, the Mellow table features soft and curving shapes; the enveloping base is made of two different elements and is realized with rigid polyurethane moldings.  The Mellow table is available in many finishing’s and materials.


 The Mellow is ideal for large families and people who entertain regularly and will look lovely in any contemporary home. Contrasting finishes stand out against one another for a stunning element.  

Designed by Bartoli Design, Mellow wood dining table is available in four sizes to accommodate individual needs. The top comes in an array of wood finishes, while the top has different metal finishes. 

Discover the world of quality Italian craftsmanship.

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