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Calligaris is an Italian home design manufacturer that focuses much of their efforts and creativity on dining room furniture.

Uniquely designed with an emphasis in fusing ingenuity with functionality, their intelligent products offer impeccable durability, style, and stability needed in today's modern homes.

Steady collaboration with authoritative designers and cutting-edge thought leaders allows their company to develop solutions answering the distinctive and changing needs of modern home and work spaces.

The colorful, transparent shell of the Ice Bar Stool featured here is a prime example of their august design. The diamond-effect seat is what gives Ice its characteristic look and is sure to impress. The swivel stools are height adjustable, engineered to provide the utmost stability.

Combining luxury and comfort is truly what our team at Mercato Interiors is passionate about and so we're delighted to share this fully amazing company with you.

Redefine and spice up your kitchen and lounge today. Our consultants are ready to get you going today.

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