Design Classic Cocktail Table


Design by Milo Baughman.
By Thayer Coggin.

Designer Milo Bauchman's Stainless Steel Drum Tables are a quintessential representation of his appreciation for pure modern forms and timeless design aesthetics. A solid cylindrical shape with a polished stainless steel finish highlights the essential form and function of these occasional tables with a reflective quality, plus its simplicity makes for an eye-catching stand-alone accent piece in a range of settings and styles. Offered in 3 sizes, the Stainless Steel Drum Tables are also offered in a Bronze finish.


Weights & Dimensions:

2000-14: 24" Dia X 17" H
2000-16: 36" Dia X 17" H
2000-22: 22" Dia X 24" H
    by Thayer Coggin

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