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Fly Sofa and Sectional

Two-or three-seater linear upholstered sofa and compositions with footrest at the right and left ends, and supple, fluent shapes. The large, enveloping back has an arched, convex profile and the back-support cushion rests against it; the seat, which is gently curved, expands onto ample cushions. A single end, either left or right, completes the sofa: the lengthened seat is contained by a deep, hollowed back, almost like a deckchair. The paw-like legs lift it up off the ground and make the whole of the fitted units light: the seat, the back and the arms. the supporting structure is in steel, the padding is polyurethane and the covers are made of fabrics, leather and microfibre from our collection. Available in sofa and sectional configurations.

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