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The kitchen is sometimes an overlooked room when it comes to redecorating. Sure, it’s one of the first rooms to get remodeled when looking to sell your home, but we’re not always looking to sell. Sometimes it’s nice to complete a project because you’re actually going to be living in a space for a long time. When shopping for high end furniture in Las Vegas, it’s important to give the proper attention to your kitchen as well as the rooms you may consider entertainment spaces. We all know Las Vegas is about being fabulous and showing off what you have. But, you have to get things done in your home, too. The kitchen is the perfect place for a meeting of form and function.

Redesigning a kitchen can be a fun project because there are plenty of options available to you. The thing with kitchens is that you’re able to go in any direction you’d like. Contemporary and minimalist is just as viable as rustic or traditional. Your kitchen can look like an industrial space or like a villa in Spain. Your creativity is your only limitation. Have you been thinking about redesigning your kitchen to be more modern looking while remaining functional? Here are some great ideas and tips for putting together a great looking modern kitchen.


Countertops are always a point of discussion when it comes to a kitchen remodeling. And with good reason. It’s probably not news to you that something as seemingly simple as modern looking countertops can add significant value to your home. They are also a detail that can definitely “give away” your home’s age as well. A lot of kitchen furnishings don’t age incredibly well. Think about how quickly someone can see the 1980s in your cabinets. The same thing applies to countertops. Granite and marble are the two most popular materials when it comes to kitchen countertops. Older materials like laminate countertops can give the appearance of a home frozen in time.


Larger kitchens often serve dual roles. They are where you cook and prepare to entertain. But they also often double as a minor entertainment room. It’s not unusual for select guests to end up there to sip wine and chat. You may even want a kitchen with a dining space. For modern looking seating arrangements, you really can’t go wrong with bar and counter stools. Again, assuming you don’t have a traditional eat-in kitchen arrangement where full chairs would be necessary, counter stools are the perfect seating solution. Their attractive stainless steel finishes instantly give a sense of modernity, as does their minimalist upholstery. Having pretty easy upkeep doesn’t hurt either.


If you do have a large enough kitchen for a full dining set, there are certainly some tasteful ways you can pull this off without feeling like you’re cluttering the space. Luckily, many of the modern looking tables available to you aren’t the huge pieces that you normally associate with a full, classic dining room. There are many modern, minimal tables available that will comfortably fit alongside your granite countertops and stainless steel appliances. Of course, you’ll need the need appropriate dining seating to match. When it comes to chairs there is a nearly endless number of choices you can make. It doesn’t mean you still can’t get bar stools for your counters, either.


Beyond the big pieces of furniture, there are some accessories you can add in to liven up the kitchen as well. Things like bar carts can be a nice addition to your kitchen, as well as the appropriate drinkware to go along with it. Small end tables are multipurpose and may find a place in your design. Even your choice of lighting can really add to the ambiance of the room.


People may not consider their cookware as part of their kitchen motif because it’s something we use primarily rather than display, but that’s not necessarily true. Your choice in cookware could be integrated into your décor as well. Consider the last kitchen you walked into where the pots and pans were actually hung up rather than hidden away in cramped cabinets. It made for an attractive look, right? Typically, copper cookware is the best for displaying due to its subtle coloration. It also just so happens to be the best material for cooking due to its even distribution of heat, so it’s a win-win investment.


Mercato Interiors is the premiere destination for homeowners looking for the latest styles and high end furniture in Las Vegas. No matter what room (or outdoor space) you’re looking to redesign, we have the furnishings you’re looking for to bring your vision to life. Contact our team today and we’ll help you find the furniture and accessories you need to put together a fabulous and functional modern kitchen that you’ll love for years to come.

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