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Everyone at some point has had friends or family stay overnight, and everyone knows just how much fun they could be.  Unless of course you are the houseguest who is forced to sleep on an old or cheaply made pull-out sofa bed.  Then ‘fun’ takes on a whole new meaning!

The best way to show your stay-over friends and family just how much you love them is to provide them with a comfortable night’s sleep.  To accomplish that I suggest the Notturno by Natuzzi Italia, their most popular sleeper sofa-sectional.


Natuzzi Italia has combined outstanding beauty and comfort with innovative practicality.  Notturno can easily be adjusted to accommodate different space-related needs, such as small apartments to large contemporary luxury homes.


The Notturno sofa-sectional is available in multiple configurations, with or without chaise-longue.‎ The sofa bed version is offered with single independent bed bases, which allow Notturno to be used simultaneously both as a sofa and as a bed, and is available in a wide range of fabric and fine Natuzzi leather upholstery options. One notable detail of this innovative sofa bed is the Pronto-letto system which allows almost effortless opening and closing.

So the next time you invite someone to spend the night, do so with the confidence that you’ll still be friends in the morning. ‎

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