What kind of reaction do you want to receive when someone comes to your house for the first time? Do you want to be traditional and have visitors compliment how nice everything looks or do you want to turn heads with bold, modern choices? If you’re looking to modernize your home’s décor, you’re in good company. Read on as we discuss great outdoor furnishings that will leave an amazing first impression as someone first pulls up to your home.

When you’re living in a city like Las Vegas, you’re going to want to spend a lot of your time entertaining outdoors. Well, during the mild nights, at least. But you would probably be entertaining in the evenings, anyway. There are few things as pleasant as a temperate night with clear skies, friends, and some bottles of wine. But, your outside décor isn’t just about entertaining all night, either. When buying Outdoor Furniture in Las Vegas you want to make a statement. In a city of flash, you want to shine the brightest. So, you may be wondering, how does one do that? The short answer is: it depends on your taste. But, more generally, if your sense of style is old enough to be in college (as tasteful as it may be) it’s time to make some changes that will bring your home in line with contemporary tastes.

Let’s focus on just the outdoors for now because it’s the first thing that people see. It’s also where you can make a real statement. Nothing says “welcome” quite like a beautiful patio with attractive, comfortable seating and somewhere to set some food and drinks.


Now that everyone has arrived for your get-together, where are you going to seat them? While much of the mingling will happen amongst people standing and walking to different groups for varied conversation, people will get tired and want to settle in eventually. That’s where having good seating will come in. Your furnishings will most likely consist of some combination of small sofas and individual chairs. Light wood and cream colored cushions are an attractive color combination for outdoor seating because of the natural bright light that will always be present. Dark colors will look downright gloomy on a bright summer day. Even at night, light colors win out because of how they compliment whatever outdoor lighting apparatus you may have. Something like a nice Crocket Teak is a good seating solution that provides comfort with elegance.

Once everyone has a seat, where are they going to eat? Nothing says outdoor eating like a simple wooden table. It almost brings to mind a picnic, doesn’t it? Tables don’t need to be flashy. They need to be functional, if not minimal. They have a utilitarian purpose. Go for a table that can seat multiple people while delivering an understated elegance

As for accessorizing, you may want to invest in an umbrella or two (depending on your particular patio layout) to give guests some cover if you’re entertaining during the day. The type of umbrella is up to you. Standalones are a good choice, as are awnings that can be deployed or retracted with a switch.


In order to create a harmonious outdoor living environment, it takes more than just nice, modern furniture. Your décor consists of many elements. How about your landscaping? You may not have the acres of rolling hills of grass that northeastern homes have, but a little greenery can go a long way to creating a relaxing environment. After all, while you may entertain with some fair regularity, you’re the one who will be enjoying this place every day. After a long day of work, you want a place you can just lounge in. Carefully curated potted plants can achieve this if grass isn’t part of your motif. 

Bodies of water, of course, are also known for their relaxing properties. You may not want to commit to a full sized pool, but a hot tub or fountain can be an alternative. For added coziness at night, an outdoor fireplace is an excellent choice. It’s the ultimate chilly night treat.

No matter what kind décor choices you make, you want to adhere to some level of minimalism. Outdoor furnishings are funny in the sense that too many can make the space look crowded. Too many different elements can also make your outdoor area look like a patchwork project. A few main elements are what you want to stick to.


Are you starting to picture your new backyard or patio set up? Are you excited to begin entertaining after your home makeover? Check out all the modern outdoor furnishings recommended today. You’re going to love how your home looks. There are few feelings as satisfying as breathing new life into a home you’ve been living in for years.

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