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Investing money in fine furniture is a big deal and It’s important to know what you’re paying for. When it comes to a piece of furniture that you’ll have in your house for decades, you’ll want to know that you are paying for something that will not only be a joy to sit in but will also be well-made and built to last.


Stressless focuses foremost on quality; in both material and construction. Stressless pays attention to every detail, from the several layers of specialty foam to the fabric and leather. For example, they mold perforated foam directly over the base, enabling you to sink deeply into the chair. Unlike most chair manufacturers, Stressless uses a solid steel rod base that is cold bent for form the frame. This is a special process that creates more durability and support that lasts longer, a process that most manufacturers find too complex and expensive. When it comes to coverings, they only use top-grain leather, which they source and hand-select from the finest tanneries in Italy and Brazil.

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Every step in the construction process is carefully designed to produce furniture that is of the highest quality and extremely durable. Many in the furniture industry compare just how far Stressless will go to create the most comfortable chair possible to that of luxury automobile make Rolls Royce. There are just no short-cuts taken!

The bottom line is this, a Stressless chair or sofa must be comfortable and it has to last. It could very well be the last chair you’ll ever buy. That is what you’re paying for.

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