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Luxury Furniture Store & Design Services in Las Vegas

Discover Mercato Interiors, Las Vegas' premier luxury furniture store and design service. Explore our 48,000 sq. ft. showroom featuring customizable fine furnishings, modern decor, and expert interior design consultation to create the home of your dreams.
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Premier Selections for Your Home Decor Needs

Delve into our curated collection of fine furniture, accessories, lighting, and artwork, meticulously chosen with our valued clients in mind. Explore an array of hand-picked pieces designed to elevate every aspect of your living space.

Experts in what we do.

Mercato Interiors is an inspirational starting point for unlimited possibilities. Whether you’re building a new home, looking for a fresh outdoor living area, a relaxing, cozy bedroom or a total home redesign, the furniture design experts at Mercato Interiors bring a wealth of professional insight and expertise.
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