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To help you envision how each piece from our store could fit into the vision you have for your dream space, Mercato Interiors offers a 48,000 square foot showroom that displays examples of every kind of style and trend you can imagine. Visit our furniture showroom in Las Vegas today to begin the process of decorating your home. We offer tools to help you turn your imagination into reality.
Find Modern, Contemporary, & Transitional Furniture in Our Las Vegas Design Gallery
Because we draw inspiration for our innovative designs from all over the world, Mercato Interiors can offer Las Vegas the latest furniture trends from leading design houses as well as emerging designers and artists. Every piece you see in our design gallery has undergone an inspection to ensure it meets the high demands of our clients and designers alike.
Take a look at our diverse and constantly evolving portfolio of modern furniture arrangements today. We offer the best selection of luxury furniture in Las Vegas, including:
All of our furniture pieces are arranged in our design gallery to help spark your creativity and give you ample ideas for how to arrange a stylish, functional, and comfortable interior space of your own. You can also customize many of our pieces by incorporating unique fabrics, buttons, stitching, and finishes. This will add your own personal touch and flare to our high-end furniture.
Truly great interior designs require exceptional furnishings, so find your next piece at Mercato Interiors today
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Draw Inspiration from Our Las Vegas Design Gallery for Lighting, Decor, & Interior Finishes
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Not only can you find exciting ideas for setting up furniture from our incredible design gallery in Las Vegas, but we also showcase our selection of the decor and finishing touches you will need to make your house a home. You can schedule a one-on-one consultation with our interior designers to find the ideal lighting to complement your furnishings, creating the ideal tone for any taste or mood. Take a moment to explore an array of wallpaper and custom draperies that will add pops of color and texture to stimulate your senses.
In our design gallery, pay special attention to our home accessories that will help to complete your space! Shop our selection of modern home decor including:
  • Rugs
  • Mirrors
  • Greenery
  • Fireplaces
  • Wall Art
  • Lamps & Chandeliers
  • Additional Accessories
View Our Online Design Gallery to Find Real Life Examples Around Las Vegas
We invite you to explore our online design portfolio and see how imagination became reality for several of our many satisfied clients in the Las Vegas area.
Interior Design
Amado Pointe
Dragon Ridge 4
Dragon Ridge 7
Night Song By Sun West
One Queensridge 1
One Queensridge 2
One Queensridge 3
One Queensridge 4
Sky Las Vegas
Mercato Interiors is more than Las Vegas's premium destination for fine furniture and accessories, it's where your ideas and dreams are transformed into stunning interior spaces.
Our in-house design team is excited to work with you to create living spaces that match your taste and personality. We invite you to explore our design portfolio and see how imagination became reality for several of our many satisfied clients.
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Share what you like with your design consultant so they can incorporate personalized touches into your space.
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