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Estro Milano designed the Manhattan Armless Sofa with the gathering of friends and family in mind.  As the name ‘Manhattan’ suggests, the sofa is designed to bring people of all types together in a stylish and fun social setting.  The arms of the sofa can be folded down to create additional seating surfaces, creating an additional dimension to fuel conversation and interaction with your guests.


The first step in Estro Milano’s production process is the careful selection of wood that will form its frame and shape.  It is a choice that the company faces with careful awareness of the precious material’s value, by verifying its origins and rationalizing the use of it.  Next, the leather must match with exacting aesthetic and qualitative standards before being considered to become of the piece.   This is accomplished with close collaboration with only the best Italian tanneries that are committed in the choice of eco-friendly and innovative methods.  This allows the creation of products that maintain unaltered quality in time.

Estro_Ambiente_Manhattan_3P_Fronte_ Small Scale.jpg

Visit Mercato Interiors and discover the quality and heritage of Estro Milano products.  You’ll understand immediately why they were selected to be represented in our showroom. 

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