Right outside of Houston, Texas, a couple decided that living in a minimalistic, eco-friendly, and modern home was what was important to them. Because there weren't existing homes that met these requirements, they contracted an architecture firm to build one.

Inside the home, you don't see a lot of frivolous decor -- it's a clean, modern space filled with natural light. Natural light with lots of windows seems to be the way to keep the utilities down while also maintaining a modern look.

Inside the home, the lighting is modern lighting similar to what you'd see at Mercato Interiors Las Vegas, and the couch is white -- a modern look staple. They used repurposed wood from +Habitat for Humanity for different aspects of the cabinets or floor.

They have an open floor plan, with neutral coloring, and minimal decorations. A single vase acts as an accent piece in the living room. The roof is flat and covered in solar panels, which contributes to the eco-friendly home.

Read more about the home here: http://gplnk.co/2lbLbui

If you're interested in having an eco-friendly, modern home in Las Vegas, stop by our showroom today!

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