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Considering how much time we spend in our bedrooms, it always made sense to me that it should be a place for peace and reflection. In other words, our own private sanctuary. It's not so much a place for self-indulgence, but rather a place to nurture our sense of well-being. As an interior designer I am aware of how the use of certain colors, the arrangement of furniture, the placement of photos, and even the light of a space can affect how we feel in a room. I take all these factors into account when designing a bedroom sanctuary for a client.


There's nothing like sinking into a plush mattress and getting enveloped in super soft bedding to make you feel comforted and protected at the end of a long day. Depending on the style of the room I will sometimes opt for a thick down comforter or soft man-made animal fur to add a plush feel to the room.


Many people go for bold colors and heavy patterned styles to decorate their bedrooms, especially when it comes to large pieces like their bedspread, wall color or wall paper pattern. Although this trend is popular in many modern-contemporary designs, it does not work well if you're building a bedroom sanctuary. In this case I stick with more neutral and calming colors and instead add small pops of color in smaller items such as pillows or throw blankets.

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Sanctuary therapy starts with the sense of touch, and nothing accomplishes this better than a soft or luxurious carpet or throw rug. After spending all day in uncomfortable work or dress shoes, the very idea of a soft rug under bare feet will increase your 'I'm home feeling'.


Its sounds simple, yet it's true. A large headboard, adorned with soft tufted neutral materials will instantly set the mood the second you walk into the room. This is apparent in many of the bedrooms I design and furnish, as well as the style of beds we stock and display in the showroom. Heavy traditional dark wood headboards always gave me the impression of a medieval castle or being on board a sailing ship, not the image you want to create in a peaceful sanctuary space.


A clean, organized and uncluttered bedroom is absolutely key to a peaceful and restful space, as clutter is a reminder of things undone. Same goes for disorganized closets and drawers, and although it may sound silly, I always felt that clutter under the bed has its own negative energy, especially if it's work-related clutter. Creating a peaceful sanctuary starts with getting rid of unnecessary objects, especially things that reminds you of negative or stressful times in your life.


Get some plants which adds life to a room and generally makes us feel good. Studies have shown that potted plants in our space help with lowering blood pressure, reducing anxiety, and generally increase the feeling of satisfaction.



That is where your mini-blinds or Venetian blinds should go if your building a bedroom sanctuary. Window treatments should not only block light and provide privacy, but are an important part of the look and feel of the space. I suggest going with with two-layer curtains that go from window to floor, in light and neutral colors.



Lighting is an extremely important part of creating ambiance in a space. I always avoid bright fluorescent overhead lighting and instead focus on floor and table lamps that feature dimmers or some sort. Think of a dimmer as a volume knob on your sound system, all the way to '10' is not always the way to go. Interesting shapes and materials tend to add a little texture to the room, in addition to other items in the room.

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