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No matter the size of the home or the scope of the project, the finishing touch that brings it all together is almost always the introduction of greenery.  There is something about adding a living element (even if its faux) that say’s “its done”!

Without it the room doesn’t have any life to it, isn’t cohesive or just looks flat even though all the elements may be there. Adding greenery and plants to your home is a great way to add life and energy to it. Here are a few basic that I go by when decorating with greenery.



I believe to truly feel the impact of plants in a room, you have to get them up and off the floor and into your line of sight. This can be accomplished with either tall planters or putting them on a pedestal. This works especially well in homes with high ceilings.

Not only can pedestals and large planters add sculptural appeal of their own, but they can turn an otherwise boring hall-way or corner into a living, exciting point of interest.

They can also be placed behind a chair or a nook next to a window. Small accent tables, étagères, and of course, traditional plant stands also make ideal platforms for potted plants.



Some may think it risky to invest time, effort, and money into a large-scale plant, but the result is worth it. An indoor tree, such as a palm, a fiddle-leaf fig, or a ficus, can be the difference between a room that feels dreary and one that feels fresh and full of life. When placed near windows or French doors, indoor trees will help bolster a room’s visual connection to the outdoors, especially when its too hot or cold to spend a lot of time outside.

Beyond the mental and emotional impact of all that greenery, adding a large plant to a space can really spice-up its style factor, the same way a piece of sculpture or an eye-catching light fixture does. A large plant has real presence in a room, drawing the eye up and around and adding gorgeous textures and dimensions to any room.



Often times I'll turn a room or sunny corner into an indoor arboretum by adding more than one type of plant. To accomplish this I'll cluster plants in a variety of sizes, textures, and containers with some placed on the floor and others on pedestals or tables. The result is a look that feels lush and organic.


A single petite plant can do wonders for a lackluster corner or a lonely hall table. But if you double it up, it just works so much better. For example, to highlight a beautiful glass, stone or chrome console table I often make a row of green potted plants in similar sizes in matching containers. This makes a wonderful yet simple centerpiece or windowsill vignette. I especially love this look when using small-scale plants, whose tailored shapes create a pleasing visual rhythm when repeated.



Don’t have a green thumb or the time needed to pamper real plants? Quality faux greenery on the market today are incredibly life-like and real, and require a fraction of the time needed to maintain them. Other than light dusting from time to time, a quality faux plant or tree will last years. This is often the case with many Mercato Interiors clients who maintain second homes here in Las Vegas. Real greenery just would not be practical if the home is left alone for long periods of time. Faux greenery comes in every imaginable type and size, and something can be found for every need.



Real succulents are really low maintenance , hardly require any water grow very slow. This makes them perfect for the out-of-town or on-the-go homeowner. The only they require a lot of is sunlight, and lots of it. Orchids are another great low maintenance plant. They’re also beautiful and require very little water, and like succulents they also need a fair amount of sunlight.


Creating beautiful greenery arrangements can be as simple as opening a home design magazine or visiting your local nursery. Or, you can stop by Mercato Interiors and get inspired by the dozens of one-of-a-kind arrangements on display throughout the showroom. We'll be happy to assist you with recommendations and ideas. You can also take the easy route and purchase one right off the floor. Either way, going greenery can be a lot of fun.

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