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Cole Valley Mattress

Enjoy even more layers of breathable, buoyant natural fibers and with ultra-conforming innersprings. These comfort ingredients are masterfully hand-layered and hand-tufted together in harmony to alleviate pressure points and provide deep, peaceful sleep.

Ever-Softening Supima Cotton of California

Ultra Soft & Resilient Fine-Combed Cashmere

Lustrously Soft & Sustainably Sourced Alpaca Fleece

Hypoallergenic & Flame-Resistant EcoWool

2 Inches of Ventilated & Buoyant All-Natural Talalay Latex

Resilient & Breathable Horsehair Cushioning

Two Cooling Tiers of Dynamically Responsive Softech MicroCoils

Proprietary & Hand-Built Pocketed Innerspring Design

Original & iconic “Framing Fog” woven fabric design honoring 120+ years of San Francisco heritage

Modern flat black metal airlets meticulously applied by hand

Reinforced, double box-stitched handles with harmonized pattern design

Handcrafted self-welt tape edge

Genuine leather & fine woven labeling

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