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Terminal Console

The Terminal design consoles are suitable for different spaces and living needs. They can be placed as hallway furniture, or in any room of the house as a functional yet decorative piece of furniture. Terminal consoles stand out for their finely selected design, quality and range of raw materials. The collection includes two lines of modern wooden consoles: with burnt or natural oak top and irregular edges in solid wood and the Wood-c version in Canaletto walnut or matte black open-pore dyed Elm with rounded varnished lower profile, respectively Brushed Grey or Brushed Bronze. Terminal Keramik Premium and Terminal Keramik Drive are a tribute to the marble top console, available in many exclusive shades. The first is enhanced by the elegant Brushed Bronze or Brushed Grey frame, while the second is an extendable console table that reaches 2 metres in length thanks to an ingenious mechanism of extensions and supports, turning into a magnificent table ready to welcome guests.

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