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Modern outdoor living trends have evolved well beyond the basic charcoal grill paired with a patio table and chair set. Yesterdays backyard patio is now an extension to the modern home that creates an additional living space that can be enjoyed year-round, especially in warmer regions like Las Vegas. As such, it’s essential that its design combines beauty with function. More rustic themes are among the latest outdoor living trends which creates the perfect way to add southwestern design elements to enhance any space.

Water Features and Pools

Many southwestern outdoor living spaces include water features and pools that seamlessly blend with the overall design. I prefer to forgo chrome and endless straight lines, and instead opt for natural stone and organic shapes. I take a lot of inspiration from modern pool designs and water features that effortlessly incorporate recreational space with the natural landscape to create an oasis reflecting your distinctive artistic tastes. If your working with a limited space, consider a small plunge pool or above ground self-contained water features like those we feature in our showroom. Both the sign and sound of a water feature, regardless of it's size will transform your backyard space into an area that creates everyday enjoyment.

Outdoor Kitchens

Long-gone are the days of cooking and entertaining around small charcoal grills, card-tables and ice coolers. Modern outdoor kitchens have now extensions of the homes indoor kitchen, complete with all it's amenities and features. Must-haves for an outdoor kitchen include ample counter top space for prepping and serving food, a sink with running water, small refrigerator and/or wine cooler and a grill with burners and warming station. A wood-fire oven also can be custom-built to coordinate with your outdoor décor and is ideal for cooking everything from homemade pizzas to flatbreads – and even decadent desserts.


Outfitting an outdoor living space with the perfect furniture is easy when following a décor theme. I tend to incorporate design elements that features iron frames in elegant yet simple shapes. Natural wood also works well with a rustic theme, whether used as framework for furniture or as accent pieces such as tables. An outside dining are requires ample seating for family and guests and should include a three-seat couch, chaise chairs, side tables and a coffee table for holding drinks. Creating a comfortable conversation area is key for any outdoor living space. Look for sturdy, weather-resistant fabrics and cushions that feel as plush as your indoor furniture, perfect for relaxing after a long day at work and an escape from your day indoors. I tend to add a pop of color with accent pillows, throws or an area rug that also adds a luxurious feel to any stone patio as well as add contrast to rustic earth tones.


For a truly magnificent outdoor space, carry the theme throughout all elements, including the lighting. A combination of sconces, floor lamps and overhead lights will provide the right amount of illumination to create any mood, from family barbecue night to an elegant evening for two. Depending on space and desire, a natural stone fire pit with lava rocks can add charm and warmth. Encircle it with comfortable chairs that coordinate with the other furniture to complete the look.


I feel that lush plants are essential components of any outdoor living space. They should include plants that thrive naturally in your region and that offer visual excitement while complementing the overall design theme. Potted plants and trees, work great on patios and even can be arranged to offer some shade as needed. A vertical garden placed on a dividing wall not only looks beautiful but it can provide fresh herbs for your favorite meals.

Combine these basic elements to your outdoor living space and you'll create the ideal getaway right on your own property.

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